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How a Predictive Dialer Is an Efficient Dialing System

Efficient predictive dialer software has made the job of a typical call center agent much easier. With the help of this auto dialing software, it has become simpler for the call center staff to manipulate the data, easily increase call volume and prepare effective reports. This predictive dialer software is a perfect combination of technology and modern digital equipment. Using this tool, you can dial phone numbers automatically in a systematic way, follow an organized database and, keep a record of your daily goals.
If you own a call center like and you're willing to purchase predictive dialer software for your computer then you can easily browse through different online websites to find a program that matches with your requirements. With a single click of mouse, you can easily find a web based predictive dialer software within a few minutes.
Predictive dialers were originally developed from the auto dialer which then evolved to an predictive dialer which predicts an agents availability and increases or decreases calls as needed. While the basic dialer merely automatically dials phone numbers for agents who are idle or waiting for a call, the predictive dialer uses a variety of algorithms to predict the agents are available or not and called party answers, setting the process of calling to the number of agents it predicts will be available when the calls are answered.
This modern technology monitors the answered calls it places, detecting how the calls it makes are replied. It eliminates unanswered calls, busy numbers, lines with problems, answering machines, answers from fax machines and similar automated services. It only connects calls answered by live people and connects them with a waiting agents. Thus, it helps agents not to listen to unanswered or unsuccessful calls.
Simply put, this software automates the total outbound process of dialing numbers. This technology converts the manual dialing process into automatic dialing process via a web based auto dialer platform. It dials a number, waits for a response from other end, and transfers a call to an available telemarketer when it connects with a real human voice. The dialer has pre-programmed artificial intelligence based on an algorithm to prevent non-productive calls from reaching to the agent. The telemarketer can take one call after another as he doesn't have to deal with busy signals, answering machines, network messages, and "no answers,". The main reason why predictive dialers are in such demand currently is just because of its ability to increase the efficiency by decreasing the dead time between calls.
A hosted predictive dialer is a major type of dialer which is hosted on a web server. One of the outstanding features of this remote system is that it has the ability to makes the calling agents virtual. This means that the agents are not required to be physically present at the organization and still they can work and generate calls. This system, just like any other predictive dialing system can detect answering machines, busy tones, fax tones and no answers and deliver only the legitimate calls to the agents. This makes the dialing process more productive and the agents more fruitful. This dialer has a built-in virtual intelligence system that can transmit calls equally to the available ports. Another important feature of this system is that it does not dial the National Do Not Call Registry telephone numbers. This can eliminate the fear legal actions against the call center.
Predictive dialer is concern to improve the efficiency of call center business. It dials four lines every time agents are available. It also increases the utilization to around 56 minutes per hour. So, we can say that predictive dialer not only increase the efficiency of product but also helps in various way in making calls effectively.
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