Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Hosted Dialer - Double Your Phone Sales With Technology

Finding the right hosted dialer solution can be a real challenge, but don't let it discourage you from automating your telemarketing systems. Dialing software works great to improve work flow and greatly increase sales, so read on to learn more about deciding on the best possible quality software or just using low cost hosted dialers.
Using a hosted dialer service is a great way to automate your business and get the most out of your employees. If you're in any type of business where phone calls or telemarketing takes place than making sure you automate the task of dialing phone numbers is extremely important.
Using hosted call center services not only makes your employees happier but it reduces the time they spend on menial tasks such as dialing numbers. This ensures you'll get the most out of your employees and their time. If you're looking for a quality hosted power dialer then read on to learn what's available.
There are a wide variety of hosted auto dialer services online you can choose. Unfortunately not all of them are created equal so it's a good idea to find one that has reviews and a good track record of offering quality service. It's also important to note that some hosted auto dialer services work differently from others and some may not be able it import large number files. Keep this in mind if you do mass calls since the dialing program you choose might not support such large volumes of numbers.
When you deciding on a hosted power dialer, you can buy software and hardware or you can simply use hosted call center services to test the effectiveness of the technology.
There are many software solutions for autodialing numbers and automating the process quickly and efficiently. Many companies even offer a trial version which is good for testing it out before you go to purchase the full version if you like it. All of these software programs and the others available all perform the same task of dialing numbers but they all have different features.
For example some of the hosted call center services have features where you can automatically leave messages on answering machines or automatically hang up and re-dial. You can typically use any phone modem to use this software and it can operated from any personal computer.
But there is a definite trend toward using the low cost solution of hosted dialers. Using this solution eliminates any software and hardware costs, long setup times, hiring IT people to learn and run any dialer equipment, and eliminating any ongoing maintenance of operating your own voice broadcast or autodialer systems.
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Monday, 9 June 2014

Hosted Dialer: Backbone of Every Customer Contact Center

How Hosted Dialer Solutions work?
Hosted dialer is a cloud solution. It is delivered over the Internet as Software-as-a-Service. Instead of agents dialing numbers from the database, the dialer automatically dials the number and calls customer. The call is transferred to a real agent only when the customer wishes to speak with one to solve his query.
How productive Predictive Dialer Solutions are?
• The hosted dialer solution can be set up within minute over a computer and stable Internet connection.
• Cost cutting is one of the most significant advantages of hosted dialer solutions. There is no requirement of any hardware, software or other infrastructure. Companies can operate without the worries of managing a huge IT team or controlling the work flow or operations and attain a single-mindedly focus of growth.
• No more hassles of managing IT teams to troubleshoot, purchase software licenses or updates.
• More productive marketing teams and your people can work from remote locations.
• The productivity of your employees is increased because busy numbers, answering machines, DND or disconnected numbers are already rejected by the dialer.
• The manager or an agent just has to simply log-in and start taking calls. Only the calls that have been answered by a person during an automated dialing will be transferred to the agent.
• Call settings, logging, and other functions can be customized by the company as per business need.
• The telemarketing systems are automated and work flow is streamlined. See the sales figure rising after deploying predictive dialer in comparison with manual dialing.
• Thanks to the technology, small businesses or start-up enterprises can reduce their IT operations costs significantly and enjoy the attribution of software without actually purchasing the licenses.
Why Hosted Dialer Solutions are must for Businesses?
The jet age businesses depend totally on one fact- reaching the customers in real time. Most of the companies and Customer Care nowadays rely on telemarketing solutions to do so. However, due to the lack of right and cost effective hosted dialer solution, the entire strategy to reach customers can go terribly wrong. The hosted dialer is a complete communication platform for international and national calls. For call centers, sales targets and calling processes entirely depend on getting in-touch with the customers. With the deployment of a right hosted dialer, a contact center can cut and reduce the start up costs, upfront expenses while streamlining the operations for better performance and productivity of agents.
Which Dialer Solution is right for my Call Center?
With so many versions of hosted dialers venturing into the market, it is best to analyze your needs first. You can customize them but it is recommended that you keep some features such as user friendliness, capacity and software version in mind. Make sure that you do not have to go through cumbersome administration and maintenance process after investing into one. The right dialer solution for your hosted contact center should ease the pressure of your team and automate the processes.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Just the Facts About Hosted Dialer Systems

A hosted dialer is a web-based phone dialer that utilizes Software as a Service (SaaS) technology. As opposed to a hard dialer system, which functions by linking a computer to other hardware, a hosted dialer system needs just a computer and a stable internet connection.
The major benefits of hosted dialer solutions include increased efficiency, reduced costs, and reduced overhead for your company. Your agents will not need to waste time on easily automated tasks like the actual dialing of phone numbers. Rather, they can do what they do best - focus on support and/or marketing.
If your organization relies heavily on telephone calls or utilizes telemarketing as a principal sales channel, a hosted dialer system would benefit you. You can actually configure a hosted dialer program for your company's specific requirements. Let us take the instance of a call center. Utilizing a web-based interface, the system could be set up with custom settings for each agent before their shift starts. The agent may then just log on to a website and refer to the instructions provided. The dialer system completes most of the tedious jobs of obtaining numbers and dialing, and the call agent can concentrate fully on the discussion with the customer on the other end of the line.
As a small business owner there is no need to fork out extra cash to purchase predictive dialer software and licenses when utilizing a hosted solution. Hardware and computer software fees are in the domain of the hosting service provider. If you own a company and have calling agents in a remote place, they are able to take advantage of hosted dialer solutions, provided that there is an adequate Internet connection. This model makes it possible for organizations of most sizes to have a virtual sales staff operating efficiently to contact potential prospects with their offerings.
Initially, hosted dialer services had been employed primarily by small enterprises, but some larger organizations are beginning to adopt the service. As a result of new technology such as predictive dialer and autodial software, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Voice over IP (VoIP), these types of solutions can offer considerable financial savings to organizations both large and small. This technology has additionally flattened the playing field so that virtually any organization can easily implement telemarketing strategies into their advertising promotions quickly and easily.
Yet another cost-saving tactic is to share hosting along with other customers, somewhat similar to the web hosting shared server model. In certain instances, this might result in your lines getting crossed with other clients, and if the hosting server crashes, then your business will be unreachable until it can be restarted. Aside from these types of equipment concerns, this type of phone dialer can lead to an explosion in sales at a reduced cost. The virtual sales agents will be able to work a lot more efficiently, even with a shared hosted dialer solution. Sales agents can easily focus on their sales strategies; managers can focus on effectively running the sales floor; and new agents can be more rapidly and easily prepared.
A hosted dialing system can be a crucial component of any business that relies on voice marketing for sales. For virtually any company that relies on telemarketing and telephone sales as a method of generating more business, a hosted dialer system is certain to enhance output and revenues.