Friday, 5 September 2014

A Hosted Dialer to Double Your Phone Sales

Finding the most appropriate hosted dialer software can become a real challenge for you. Businesses require an efficient dialer system for automating their telemarketing systems, and these systems are called hosted dialer systems. They provide better work flow and increases sales of the companies. Ideal hosted dialer software provides low cost dialer solutions to the clients. In a business where thousands of phone calls takes place every day automating the phone number dialling tasks seems to be a better decision. It will save the agent's time so that he could perform other significant tasks along. Menial tasks like dialling phone numbers, introducing the company and telling the customer about what the company do, are the tasks which can also be conducted by an automated dialer machine. Since all such tasks are important but time consuming, getting a dialer solution which could do all that in less cost seems beneficial.

There is a huge variety of hosted dialer software available in the markets at present. All of them are focused on providing better dialling solutions to the clients. But not all of them are created equal, so selecting the one with good track record will sort your motive for sure. Hosted auto dialer services work differently from other dialer solutions. They can import large number of files to make mass calls. To use the beneficial services of hosted dialer solutions you can take any of the two routes. First option is to buy hardware and software of the solution and second is to use hosted call centre services. The second route gives you a chance to test the effectiveness of the technology as well.
Solutions lined up for providing auto dialling services to the clients makes the processing quick and efficient. Take the trials version first and then go for the full version if you like it. Different brand dialer solutions provide different services to the customers, thus buy the one which suits your specific requirements. A feature like leaving messages automatically on answering machines is also available in many dialers thus if you like this feature you can buy that dialer and install it in your process to attain some additional services like auto redialling and automatically hang up. This software can be used on any phone modem and can be operated on any personal computer so you need not worry about its installation cost at all. While installing such software the company should concern the points like long setup times and training of IT people to run the dialer equipment to be done. Hosted dialer Software eliminates the existing operating auto dialer system and replaces it with a more efficient and cost effective dialer solution.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hosted Dialers - The Low Cost Way to Explode Your Phone Sales

Are you looking for automatic dialing technology that can double or triple your phone sales calls and works as advertised? Look no further. Hosted dialers are the low cost solution for businesses looking to see great sales increases without expensive software and hardware setup costs.
If you do any type of telephone mass marketing in your business or deal with support issues, using hosted dialers and call center technology can seriously improve your workflow and business. Saving time and money on repetitive and time consuming tasks like dialing phone numbers and leaving messages can mean better profits and better productivity for you and your business.

The sooner you implement a good auto dialer service, the sooner you can realize the savings and impact of these simple but powerful advances in phone sales technology. To learn more about a how to select a great hosted dialer solution or program, read on.
While there are many different software programs available for auto dialing numbers, there are a few very affordable and highly reliable solutions out there that stand out from the rest. If you only use Macs at your business you may need to look into alternative software solutions since, at the time of this writing, the majority of the programs out there seem to support only PC, this is just something to pay attention to when making your decision.
Knowing what your business and telemarketing strategy requires is a big part of making the best decision for your auto dialer selection.
For example do you only need automatic dialing or do you also need scheduled phone dialing? Do you need automatic hang up or voice mail messages?
You may not need these things immediately but if you plan to expand your business or telemarketing efforts to include those down the road, you might want to go ahead and purchase a feature rich program now.
The best solution for your business really depends on a lot of factors like compatibility and features you desire in a program, so make sure to thoroughly evaluate the full range of features and benefits with any auto dialer service or program you review.
Every business is different and so are the hosted dialers solutions and programs on the market. Pick what's right and fits best with your needs while considering long term business growth and the low cost advantages of using a hosted dialer solution.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Hosted dialers

While researching the internet for ideas on jump starting my new home based business, I stumbled across the term Hosted Dialer. I have been looking at the cost of installing a business line at home and thought that this was an excellent substitution to the high cost of phone lines.
A hosted dialer uses the Software as a Service model to provide organizations and individuals a predictive dialer capability. There are no required investments in telephone hardware or software licenses and the service provider handles all the administration and support. You can link into the system remotely, enabling agents and supervisors to connect from any location, all over the world.
The dialer is widely used in call centers, and with several home based businesses and independent agents popping up, the dialer is more accessible to the small business world. The dialer uses a technique that predicts both the availability of agents and called party answers, adjusting the calling process to the number of agents it predicts will be available when the calls it places are expected to be answered. This can dramatically increase the time an agent spends on communication.
The hosted dialer is a highly efficient and cost effective way to increase your business. The dialer can automatically call thousands of numbers from a database, letting the operator increase efficiency dramatically without having to dial the phone numbers manually.
The programs that I have found are all web based, no phone line is needed. You talk directly from a USB headset through an internet phone.
This is a great solution for new business owners wanting to minimize their business start up costs.

Friday, 8 August 2014

3 Top Facts About Hosted Dialer System - Read This Before Getting It for Your Business

Nowadays, many people are talking about hosted dialer solution. What is this system about? A hosted dialer is actually a web-based phone dialer. As long as you have high-speed computer and a stable internet connection, you will be able to run the system. There is no other hardware required. This system utilizes Software as a Service (SaaS) technology. If you intend to apply this particular system for your organization, you are advised to read all the information stated below first. By knowing its special features, you will be able to decide whether this solution really works for you.
Are you involving in telemarketing business? What can you do to increase your sales as well as your productivity? Hosted dialer system is able to meet your special needs. For instance, if your organization needs high volume calling daily, how can you monitor the calls made by all staff when they are working on different shifts? By using the system, all the calls can be set and customized for each staff using a web-based user interface in a systematic way. What the staff are required to do is to log into the web hosting and follow the directions accordingly. What does the dialer do? It helps to find the contact numbers and make the phone calls while the staff can focus talking to the customers. They don't need to look for contact numbers on their own. Indirectly sales can be increased.
Seriously speaking, if you are a small business owner, the system works best for you because it helps you to save a lot of cost. By getting this, you don't need to spend more money to purchase predictive dialer software and licenses anymore. You should let the service provider handle this matter on behalf of you. You just need to look for a reliable provider to assist you. This provider will be responsible for the pricing of the software license, the equipments and the facilities, system maintenance and upgrading of the system. Being the user of this system, you can carry out your telemarketing campaign easily without worrying about system breakdown or other technical matters. Everything is supported by the service provider.
There is one drawback you need to take note. Some service providers are offering cheap rate for this particular system. They host their clients on a common server. In fact, this is not really a good solution. It will be good if you check this out earlier before signing contract with the provider. To be frank, it is not illegal for a few businesses to share the same server. However, you need to face certain risks. Sometimes, the lines may be crossed with other clients and this will lead to communication breakdown. When the hosting server crashes, you will not be able to access to your business temporarily until it is rebooted. This will affect your marketing team if you are running a campaign within a very short period of time.
To sum up, hosted dialer system can be very useful if you utilize it in a right way. You are reminded to get a good provider to assist you.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Benefits of Hosted Dialer Technology provides solutions for hosted dialing including a predctive dialer and an auto dialer system that will help you in many ways.
Before we go into the benefits of using a hosted dialer, it is important to know exactly what hosted dialer technology consists of. A hosted dialer uses an Advanced Adaptive Algorithm, Voice Over Internet Protocol, and Cloud Technology to run a predictive dialer or auto dialer program over the Internet. This means that you will not have to purchase any hardware or software to run a call center campaign. All you have to do is sign into the website and the provider's servers protect and hold onto your data, such as your leads and campaigns.
The benefits of using a hosted dialer system are numerous and include:
Faster Connections - Gone are the days of needing to manually dial numbers out of the phone book to generate leads. Our system uses the predictive dialing and auto dialing platforms to increase the number of people you can contact. With the predictive dialer you can make as many as 5 calls simultaneously per agent; and with the auto dialer you can broadcast as many as 5,000 voice messages per minute.

Quality Connections - You will be able to spend more time talking directly to clients and leads and minimize your downtime significantly. By not having to worry about how many connections you make each day or each hour you and your agents will be able to focus on how you can improve your interactions and implement the latest strategies at your discretion.

Better Metrics - Part of the package you receive from Vioteck is the ability to view real-time reports through the web-based interface. You can see in real-time exactly what is proving to be successful in your campaigns and what needs improvement.

Lead and Campaign Management - With the web-based interface you can easily manage leads and campaigns from an interface that includes the ability to create custom dispositions and much more.

Run Non-Profit Campaigns - The auto dialer in particular is exceptionally good at this. Broadcasting voice messages to raise funds and build awareness for political candidates is one way that you can use the system. You can also use the program to build awareness and raise funds for your charitable organization as well. A voice broadcast campaign can be created for cities, towns, and municipalities to broadcast warnings about any potential storms or disasters headed your way and protect your residents.
You can find out what about the benefits a hosted dialer can offer you by signing up for a free trial account and experiencing all of these benefits and more for yourself.
With all of the benefits that using a hosted dialer can have for you it is amazing that you haven't tried one before. You can sign up for an account from  today and receive special offers, including 20% for life, and a free trial account. You won't have to wait for service either, which is another benefit of a hosted dialer. Within about 24 hours of our receipt of a service request you can be running call campaigns. Add to that that our setup, startup, support and training services are free and you have an unbeatable system.