Saturday, 29 August 2015

How an Auto Dialer is Saving Jobs and Offering Sales Agents Job Security

In today's complex economy, job and business security simply do not exist. There has been a change in the way business functions. Instead of finding ways to increase sales, companies have become content with simply keeping the customers they already have. Likewise, it is a rigid time to be in a sales position for any company, in any industry. Qualified sales leads are much harder to come by. Sales agents who work in telemarketing call centers (all sales people for that matter), are turning to auto dialer software to reach more prospects.
The 'Great Recession' that our country is currently facing, has led to serious cost cutting for almost every size company; it is gut check time for many. This economic downturn has also made companies smarter. Businesses today are stopping in front of the mirror to take a good, hard look at themselves. They are hunting for ways to increase sales and improve productivity. Sales people find themselves working harder; having the courage to make cold calls, ask for referrals (where as before when times were good, they did not) and work overtime. Many auto dialers can help in these areas of need.
Successful people use auto dialers today because they realize there are simply not enough hours in a day. I think it is fair to assume that if you are a business owner, you do not have the budget to hire more sales people and add to payroll. And, if you are in sales, you simply cannot make enough outbound telephone calls. It is not possible to prospect 20 hours a day...unless you are a robot. Some might call this an imperfect storm; a deep recession. Companies are cutting back on costs and payroll. Customers are tapped out and spending less. Sales people do not have enough qualified leads to call, and of course, there is always the pressure of meeting the sales quota.
Auto Dialers are built under the premise that sales and business in the 21st century move fast. If you blink, your prospect is gone. Auto dialer software makes telemarketing sales and selling on the telephone fun and profitable. Imagine this: in a normal 8 hour work day, you can usually make 60 outbound calls - with an auto dialer, you could make 150 calls. What would that do for your business? Imagine an email marketing feature which permits you to send emails with the click of mouse to each customer or prospect you call. Could you handle all the responses?
It gets better. Most auto dialers require no software to download or install. Many auto dialers are also exceptionally affordable (as low as $2.25 per day). In this economy, cost effective sales tools are in demand. In some cases, you can use an auto dialer without having to worry about long distance fees or per minute charges and there may be no long term contracts or set-up fees. Best of all, auto dialers tend to be user friendly. It is so easy! Let's be honest, sales people are known for their short attention spans; auto dialer's are so easy to use, a sales person can be an expert within just a few hours.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Predictive Dialer Software and Its Importance

Predictive dialer software has made the work of call center agents much easier. With the help of these tools, it has become simpler for the call center staff to manage the data, make calls and prepare reports. This software is the best combination of technology and the latest digital tools. Using this software, a huge amount of phone numbers can be dialed automatically, following an organized database and keep a record of your daily targets and goals. If you are an owner of a call center and want to purchase predictive dialer software for your company then you can easily browse through different online websites which offer these services and can find a program that best suits your requirements. With a single click of mouse, you can easily download beneficial software within a few minutes.
A predictive dialer uses a statistical algorithm which predicts when to dial a phone number, while many different factors are there, which can include the average number of rings before a person picks up the phone, average length of the phone call, percentage of dialed phone calls that are answered, average length of talk time on each phone call, and number of agents on the system.
These auto dialers have a range of tools from message delivery, e-mails and recycling of call files. With real time supervision and other functions for ultimate output, it is a valued asset. This type of dialer is also known as soft dialer. It is basically software which can make use of the VOIP service to call. The system does not need any equipment other than a broadband Internet connection and a computer. As a matter of fact, current technology has enabled the software based predictive dialers to work better than the hardware based dialers. The major improvements in the telecom field have brought about technology advancements beneficial to the industry. A huge list of features is now found in the software which has minimized the costs and increased flexibility.
The benefits of using predictive dialers are huge. The major benefit is that it improves the productivity of a company. The program makes sure that only connected calls reach the agent. This definitely saves time that is wasted on non-connected calls and also on calls that are invalid. Another advantage is that it is very easy to use and even an inexperienced agent can learn it in very little time. The program also enables the management of the call center to make sure that the agents are following the rules and regulations of the center. This ensures that the business will move on smoothly and will increase productivity by a good margin. Today, no call center business can run properly without a predictive dialer system. These all are some major advantages which an organization will surely get if they have this dialer system installed. People are wondering how to choose this contact center software for their computer? They need to think about a lot of aspects before purchasing this system. People should decide on the software which is matched with their needs and system. Another thing to remember is that it must be integrated with advanced technology. Think about all the aspects and after that, buy efficient software which suits ones calling needs. A predictive dialer as well as a hosted predictive dialer has proven itself as the ideal solution for business that wants to promote their products and services via telemarketing.

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